Our founder Olivia Tickles served in the school district as a paraeducator since 2013, she had a passion to assist students to overcome their adversities and enhance their learning experience at school. As she developed relationships with the students many began to disclose personal life situations seeking her advice.

In 2018 she began mentoring high schoolers at school and in her community, the group grew from one student to ten in just a couple months. Mrs. Tickles was known to assist students with community serves, understanding school work, managing anger issues, teen talk, and attending spiritual meetings with the students. Many of the students enjoyed gathering weekly with Mrs. T to discuss current issues, how they affect the students and how to work through the problems.

The students encouraged Mrs. T to start a club that assist other students like them who needed assistance navigating their their emotions and have fun while doing it. After two short years, The Plug Foundation was developed.

During our first year in operation, The Plug Foundation provided free remote learning services to 35 students. We assisted four students who were on probation to complete community service through our Service Program. We connected five students with employers who are contracted through The Plug Foundation Work Program.

The Plug Foundation is eager to assist other students in making better choices.

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